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About the She Leads Leadership Academy

SHE LEADS may be the single most important outcome from the astonishing history of She Inspires, according to its founder Gulnaz Brennan. “Following seven years of exponential growth of She Inspires Awards” says Gulnaz, “the burgeoning leadership of our inspiring women is calling out to be harnessed.”

Following the success of the book ‘100 Women 100 Stories’ written by Gulnaz in 2020, a new book ’22 Leaders’ will be published in 2022. The extraordinary women featured will also become the core of a new Leadership Academy. And all of them have made their mark in Bolton.

“Our awards have now become both National and Global” says Gulnaz. “Perhaps it’s no accident that when the world needs leadership most, we have seen it for ourselves. Women who recognise that cutting through the stagnation of nation inertia is the only option that will bring change. Real change.”

So each astonishing woman featured in the ’22 Leaders’ book will combine to become the SHE LEADS ACADEMY. Communities, businesses, educators, government offices and individuals can dip into this rich well of opportunity to learn and make progress with the achievement of their goals. And if anyone is ever unsure, the mantra is to ‘reach out’ and discover how they might be helped.

The world stage is not what it used to be. The biggest fear is that we have learned too little from history. We seem to make the same mistakes with impunity. But the world is now less forgiving than ever it was. We need courage combined with wisdom, and held together with inspiration. It is exactly the right time for the SHE LEADS ACADEMY.

And whilst the opportunity for communities and nation pillars is great, so it is for individuals. That’s how our leaders became who they are. When there’s something wrong that needs fixing, when there are disenfranchised groups and individuals, when they see a danger that our hearts have been separated from our heads, it takes a certain kind of boldness and clarity of thought to step forward.

The SHE LEADS ACADEMY will prove to everyone that leadership does not always have to be judged by size and numbers.

For each of us, the opportunity to step out of the shadows and make our voice heard is as extraordinary a demonstration of leadership as any.

Our featured leaders are both special and ordinary. They are who we all are, or who we want to be.

Our 22 leaders need to multiply into 220, 2200 and 220,000. If they do, perhaps the world has a chance.