In today’s hyper-competitive Sustainable Finance, Asset Management and Energy arenas, it can prove especially challenging to build a sustainable investing function that combines insightful investment decisions, astute risk management, and world-class governance standards to ensure the health and longevity of a business. That becomes even more relevant for investment boards, insurers, pension funds, endowments, foundations seeking to implement the principles of climate finance in their investment and stewardship efforts in alignment with the global energy transition.
In her roles as Managing Director, Strategist and Head of Sustainable Investing at an AIG’s spinoff global asset manager, Alessia Falsarone has developed the vision, strategy and governance processes to create a risk-focused responsible investment practice, leading it to deliver several billion dollars worth of capital deployment, as well as double-digit revenue growth in credit markets. She is especially adept at the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects of the energy transition and is able to combine her deep knowledge in the Americas, Europe and Asia with emerging trends in data technology, regulation, and financial innovation.
In addition, Alessia is backed by strong academic and professional credentials including an MBA and an MS in Financial Mathematics, a certified director status with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), and has served as a sought-after speaker, lecturer and thought leader on sustainable and impact finance, ESG innovation and risk management. She is a contributing author to several publications, incl. the PayTECH handbook (climate risk solutions) by Wiley Finance.
Recent board appointments: (1) Advisory Group Member of the London Stock Exchange Group – Green Segment; (2) Member of the Operating Board of corporate transparency solution provider OpenCorporates; (3) Treasurer/Governance Committee Chair of iEarn-USA, world’s largest K-12 virtual exchange network, World Economic Forum 2020 School of the Future; (4) Fintech Advisory Board Member, UK-based CeFPro.
In recognition of Alessia’s innovative vision for business and society, she has recently received an Honoree Award from the Women’s Venture Fund. A Fellow of the Aspen Institute, Alessia is the ambassador of the 2018-2019 Stanford Loyal initiative by Stanford University, a mentor of the Stanford IGNITE accelerator and the MIT ClimateTech Energy Prize.

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